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there is no true map for the imagiNATION…

_You have heard of the French nation and the Spanish nation this is the Imagination _ (Miracle on 34th street) While some of the areas your characters may visit will have maps (as they come up in play they will be added) this is some of the areas of the Imginera

Near parts: Almost normal- Interacts with mundane humanity the Magic toy stores at least one Candy factory Bookstores in general and Hawthorne street in Portland (maybe other streets too) in habit this strata you may also find Train stations Streets where you can buy your supplies for magic school and the school itself on this level.

Middle reaches Asgard Olympus the Celestial court etc. are in this “circle” if you will as well as the Elven Kingdoms; the realms of the Drawves; The Courts of the Gentry both Seelie and Unseelie; the FOREST:-made up of the dreams of trees who remember when they covered all the land. Broceliande,Sherwood etc. you may think you find a track through it but be careful and you will find woodsmen with axes-Yes for the trees have nightmares too and remember there old foe some mortals live on the edges and occasionally Children are left here if they cannot be fed sometimes you come upon an edible cottage… Sometimes wolves will come to hunt here from Fimbulwinter. The ENDLESS Ocean made up of the collected dreams of all those who dreamed of sailing, all the nightmares of sailors and all the dreams of the Whales and Dolphins locked in there Plexiglas worlds of being stared at and performing the endless ocean, Mer folk maybe found here the Dutchman still flies maybe even pirates and if you get far enough out Sea serpents-there is much more than this here simply an Idea of things that may come up

The far reaches Kadeath before it fell this area is made up of Dreams that are far from human…less said the betteron entering

Main Page

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