through the looking Glass….

Your Character starts at age10-12 and power level 3 somehow you stumble through the mirror go through the back of an old Wardrobe and come to the worlds of pure imagination, the first story arc takes place here with your adventures in the Imageria, for those of you who have read so far and go this is similar to Grimm you are right I love the game and own both the D20 original and the new fuller version. Get it is is great!! where this differs is while you will start with going into the Imageria where you will end is unknown Your characters will become the Heroes (and villains?) of the world in every other way like ours. Starting Level is 3 but there is no upper tier yet. There have been no Costumed Crimefighters or Villains known in the world, only in Comic books. The supernatural is dealt with the same way here stuff for TV and movies but in real life not so much. Although your characters deal with Supernatural this does not mean that your characters will have only Supernatural based powers maybe upon return you begin designing the Power armor (or Mecha) you know that you will need to fight the the monsters you have seen. Or study Martial arts in the Dojo of the Immortals. This is just the beginning of your origin story and although choices have consequences will work with you and deciding where you want to end up. More world info will be added at take a look at your wiki in a little while . this is just the thumbnail sketch to see what interest there might be.

To the Imageria...and back